What Makes Us, Us?

Good question. With lots of good answers, starting with the fact we answer our phones. Clients say it’s uncommon customer service. We say it’s common courtesy.

Besides designing efficient and beautiful projects, Meeks + Partners has earned a solid reputation for our land planning and density studies, not to mention high marks for our master-planned mixed-use developments all over the world.

Sophisticated and complex requirements call for simple and elegant solutions. So we provide accurate and comprehensive drawings. General Contractors tell us our working drawings are so thorough, they make a noticeable (and appreciated) difference out in the field during construction.

As experts in multi-family, we’re an effective partner for our clients. We deliver optimal designs for their site in terms of site planning, construction type, aesthetics, unit mix and project efficiencies. In return, they get an extra measure of assurance that their developments will be successful.